The Cape Coastal Collection has launched!

Kerstin Glaess's newest nautical collection is live and available for purchase on her site. The Cape Coastal Collection contains sixteen paintings featuring beautiful Massachusetts waterscapes, and abstractions of treasures hidden in the sand.

November 3-17, exclusively on her Instagram @kerstinglaessart, Kerstin will be posting about each piece in the collection and the inspiration behind it. 

Click the links below to view three time-lapse videos featuring the creation of each of the largest pieces in the collection!

Into the Distance

All in a Jumble

Hidden in the Sand

"The waters and atmosphere of the cape are very different from other coasts I have lived. The waters' colors are deeper, the horizon hazier, and low-tide just before sunset takes your breath away.

I wanted to share the fleeting moments that I found while at Cape Cod. This series features figures, horizons, coastlines, shells, and abstractions of both water and sand.

I hope you find joy in viewing! "

xo, Kerstin







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