The Cape Coastal Collection has launched!

Updated: 7 hours ago

Kerstin Glaess's newest nautical collection is live and available for purchase on her re-designed site. The Cape Coastal Collection contains sixteen paintings featuring beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts waterscapes (from the bayside), and abstractions of treasures hidden in the sand.

November 3-17, exclusively on her Instagram @kerstinglaessart, Kerstin will be posting about each piece in the collection and the inspiration behind it. 

"The waters and atmosphere of the cape are very different from other coasts I have lived. The waters' colors are deeper, the horizon hazier, and low-tide just before sunset takes your breath away.

I wanted to share the fleeting moments that I found while at Cape Cod. This series features figures, horizons, coastlines, shells, and abstractions of both water and sand.

I hope you find joy in viewing! "

xo, kg

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